Robert Pattinson Completely Devoted To Kristen Stewart

robert pattinson kristen stewart
Robert Pattinson Totally Devoted To Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson attended the Golden Globes 2011 solo last night, but that doesn’t mean that he had a wandering eye! Judging from the Golden Globe after-parties, Robert Pattinson is more devoted to Kristen Stewart than ever.

As one of the most sought after men in Hollywood, there were no doubt many women who would’ve loved to snuggle up to Robert Pattinson while Kristen Stewart is away. Pattinson attended the Golden Globe parties with Twilight co-star, Peter Facinelli, and according to one source, “Rob stayed away from girls all night. He stuck with Peter for the first two parties, and was being a very good boy.”

Sounds to me like Kristen Stewart is one lucky lady!

Photo: PRPhotos