Robert Pattinson Goes From Teen Idol to Grown-up Hottie in Water for Elephants Trailer

water for elephants trailer
Robert Pattinson heats up the screen in Water for Elephants

I’m going to admit something here that might not make Robert Pattinson fans too happy: Robert Pattinson doesn’t do anything for me in the Twilight saga.

To me, he’s just a pale little kid. I see him in any of the Twilight movies, and all I can think of is him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: a decidedly not-hot role for Robert Pattinson.

But, after watching the Water for Elephants trailer?

Robert Pattinson isn’t just a teen idol any more- he’s evolved into a grown-up hottie! And his chemistry with Reese Witherspoon….wow.

Okay, Twilight fans, I give in. I now see the attraction of Robert Pattinson!