Robert Pattinson Has A Stalker? Concerned For Kristen Stewart's Safety?

robert pattinson kristen stewart
Robert Pattinson Worried About Kristen Stewart's Safety?

Robert Pattinson is definitely making Kristen Stewart a high priority on his list. Not only does Kristen Stewart play Robert Pattinson’s wife and the mother of his child on-screen in Breaking Dawn, the two actors are also dating seriously in real life.

When they aren’t locking lips as Edward and Bella Cullen while filming Breaking Dawn, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart like to enjoy private time together, just like any other normal couple.

It’s no secret that women all over the world are throwing themselves at Robert Pattinson, and now it looks as though one fan has gotten a bit carried away. A Japanese woman is supposedly following Robert and sending him “suggestive” messages. Is this woman becoming Robert Pattinson’s stalker?

Pattinson definitely seems to be concerned about Kristen Stewart’s safety with this woman looming around, so much, in fact, that he has hired a body double as a decoy so that he can sneak off and have private time with Kristen without worrying about being harassed by this stalker.

It sounds like Robert Pattinson is a lot like his Breaking Dawn character, Edward Cullen. Both men will do anything to protect the love of their life!

Photo: PRPhotos