Robert Pattinson Looks HOT In New 'Bel Ami' Photos


Robert Pattinson Bel AmiRobert Pattinson looks HOT in a new Bel Ami photos!  The release of Bel Ami is coming soon with Robert Pattinson in the starring role.  In Bel Ami, Rob plays the role of the serial seducer, Georges Duroy.

Instead of playing a vampire with a heart of gold, RPatz plays a jerk!  Fans of Robert Pattinson are just glad to see more pics of our favorite star and the new photo from Bel Ami does not disappoint.

Bel Ami follows the story of Georges Duroy, who travels through 1890s Paris, from the slums to Paris salons, as Georges as he climbs the social ladder by sleeping his way to the top.

Bel Ami is based upon the Guy Maupassant novel and chronicles Georges Duroy’s journey from poverty to wealth using his powers of seduction.  Duroy uses passionate trysts with wealthy beauties to gain power.

Robert Pattinson plays Georges Duroy in a sexually charged story of ambition, power and seduction.  Uma Thurman plays the role of Madeleine, Kristin Scott Thomas is Virginie, Christina Ricci is Clotilde.

Do you want to see Rob Pattinson change his Nice Guy image by playing a womanizer? Or do you just want to drool over Rob?  Bel Ami had me at “Georges Duroy’s journey from poverty to wealth using his powers of seduction” so talk to me RPatz fans!  Here’s a final hot pic of Rob/Georges in a steamy pic with Uma. Yummy.