WATCH: Robert Pattinson Tells Leno He Climbed Into Elephant's Mouth?


Robert Pattinson Jay LenoRobert Pattinson dished about climbing inside an elephant’s mouth on Friday! Watch the video online of Robert Pattinson’s interview with Jay Leno below.

If you’re a Rob fan (or in my case, Rob obsessed) you’ll love it and you can watch the video of Pattinson’s adorable interview below and you can watch Part 1 of Rob’s interview with Jay Leno here.

Rob spilled to Jay Leno that he recently climbed into an elephant’s mouth? Robert Pattinson visited The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night on to begin the first part of the press tour for Water for Elephants.

The sexy British hunk said that he and Reese Witherspoon, spent a lot of time with elephants on set of Water for Elephants. Rob said that he now feels so relaxed around elephants that he even got in one’s mouth!

Friday night was heaven for Rob fans, because Jay Leno wasn’t Pattinson’s only interview. You can go to MTV to see Robert Pattinson’s 30 minute live interview with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz from Friday Night.

Watch another clip of RPatz’s interview with Jay Leno below and watch the new trailer for Water for Elephants here.


Photo: NBC/The Tonight Show with Jay Leno