Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn Wedding (Video): Fans Hoping to See Bella, Edward

breaking dawn edward bella wedding scene video
Breaking Dawn Edward and Bella wedding scene video

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Breaking Dawn wedding scene is rumored to be filmed this week, as a giant green screen graces a Baton Rouge park.

Watch the video clip for more details about Breaking Dawn filming and how fans are hoping to catch a glimpse of Bella and Edward’s wedding at Arsenal Park.

So far, no Pattinson or Stewart sightings to report on, but fans seem happy just to be in close proximity to the filming of Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn’s wedding scene seems like a safe bet to be filmed at this park location, as Michael Welch (Bella’s friend Mike Newton) took to Twitter to drop a few clues: “I’m off to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to work on a new film called Baking Nan.. wait, that’s not it – It’s called Raking Lawns.. No, hold on…”

Mike only appears in the Edward and Bella wedding scene… so, looks like it’s a good bet that filming will happen at this location.