Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Together at Golden Globes?


rob-kristen breakup rumorsRobert Pattinson will present at Golden Globe Awards on Sunday but will Kristen Stewart join him? E! News reports that Rob’s on-screen and off-screen girlfriend won’t be attending the Golden Globes. Kristen Stewart is too busy with Breaking Dawn to attend the awards with Rob.

According to E! News sources “close to Kristen, say she doesn’t have plans to attend the show or after parties. She’s too busy filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.”

But the Oscars are a different story!  E! News reports that Kristen Stewart is planning to attend the Academy Awards again this year, so let’s hope that Robert Pattinson can make it.  Those two are SO CUTE together and I love to see them together.

Robsten news is creating major buzz this week due to a new Breaking Dawn photo revealed by Entertainment Tonight. The photo from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn shows Bella and Edward canoodling in bed on their honeymoon. Squeee!

According to MTV News, “By the way Edward is looking at Bella and the sweet way her finger is tracing his face, we’re thinking this sex scene is more emotional and adorable than hot and heavy.”

Whatever. I’m just psyched to see Breaking Dawn and the honeymoon scene.