Robert Pattinson Compliments Kristen Stewart as Breaking Dawn Vampire (Video)

robert pattinson kristen stewart breaking dawn vampire video
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn

Robert Pattinson loves Kristen Stewart playing a vampire in Breaking Dawn. Aww…

Watch Robert Pattinson in this video clip, where he talks about Kristen Stewart’s Bella as vampire to her onscreen husband, Edward.

Apparently, Kristen Stewart is a natural for playing the undead, with Pattinson noting, “It’s like she wanted to do it the entire time. It’s really funny, it’s like a completely different environment onset when she’s a vampire and when she’s not. I think she’s going to do it really well.”

Peter Facinelli also says Stewart is “doing really well” and “looks fantastic” in Breaking Dawn as a vampire. Facinelli says it’s all in the eyes: “For some reason, once they put those contact lenses in, you look very statuesque.”

How do you think Kristen Stewart will do as a vampire in Breaking Dawn?