Robert Pattinson to Present at Golden Globes- Who Will Be His Date?!?!


Robert Pattinson

Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson – everyone’s favorite vampire – will be center stage on Sunday night at the 68th Golden Globes. And no, he sadly isn’t up for an statuette for his role of Edward, he is just presenting one of the coveted awards to a lucky winner.

The Golden Globes is a big big night in Hollywood. With almost all the movers, shakers and shining movie stars in attendance. And besides what you are wearing, who you are wearing …on your arm…is almost as important. Brad with be with Angelina. Jen with be Ben. But who will Robert Pattinson be with?!?!Many would love to see Kristen Stewart be Robert Pattinson’s date but there is word that Kristen won’t be at the Golden Globes. One rumor is that she busy with production on Breaking Dawn. Others think she wants to avoid the gossip of her as his date. And some think she’ll be making a surprise appearance hitting the stage with Robert Pattinson.

And if he doesn’t take Kristen, who will he take? His agent? His manager? His mom?

What do you think?