Robert Pattinson Wants To Play Jeff Buckley


robert pattinson, jeff buckley
Robert Pattinson Wants To Play Jeff Buckley In A Biopic.

Robert Pattinson is looking to expand his resume by showcasing his vocal abilities in an upcoming Jeff Buckley biopic. The actor is so adamant about the role that he has approached producers in hopes of landing the role.

Producer Michelle Sy says, “I’ve met actors who are keen on the part and Robert was one…The actor must be able to play music and sing, or at least make it believable he can do that.”

Pattinson has stiff competition by James Franco and James Marsden, but it is Buckley’s mother Mary Guibert who would love for Edward Cullen to play the part!

She says, “Robert is a fine young actor. I’m flattered he’s been linked to the project. When the times comes we’ll give everybody an opportunity to be seen and heard.”

Pattinson seems to look the part the best and I can only imagine the box office he would bring in.

Who would you like to see play Jeff Buckley?