New 'Water for Elephants' Trailer, Robert Pattinson Narrates, HOT Kissing!


water for elephants trailer

A new international trailer for Water for Elephants is out!  The big bonus is that Robert Pattinson’s voice is on the trailer’s narration!  Squeeee!

Let’s be honest, the new international trailer for Water for Elephants is similar to the last one but Robert Pattinson’s sexy voice narrating the trailer makes it super hot!

Robert Pattinson lends his sexy vocals to the trailer’s narration, as his character in the film, Jacob Jankowski. “I had a new life all planned,” he begins. “Then with the opening of a door, every plan I had vanished. No home. No family. Forcing myself not to look back.”

More swoon worthy moments in the trailer include a flash of that fabulous Pattinson half grin, half smile.  The one where Rob looks all embarrassed but he’s still super adorable.

There are some steamy moments between Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in this new trailer! The two actors ooze sex appeal in this clip! The new trailer is seriously H-O-T. Talk to me.

Photo: Water for Elephants