Robert Pattinson Wild Night Out with Boys?


Robert Pattinson had a boys night out this week in Baton Rouge!  Robert Pattinson, along with some of the boys of Breaking Dawn had a wild night out on Tuesday.  Rob, along with Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Jamie Campbell-Bower and Michael Sheen hit the hot spots of Baton Rouge for some fun.

The Twilight Saga men went to Tsunami for sushi and a few shots. The Los Angeles Times Ministry of Gossip reports that some Twilight fans sent over shots for the hardworking movie vampires.

So I guess Rob and the boys had a pretty MILD night out but what do you expect? These guys, especially Pattinson have been working long hours, so the fact they went out at ALL is good.  Poor Robert Pattinson can hardly go out for a sandwich without causing a near riot.

PEOPLE magazine reported on the chaos caused by R-Patz at Maxwell’s Market. The celebrity magazine said the actor “caused hysteria with the female staff” when he went to the deli to get a bite.

But even though ladies swoon over Rob as he orders a sandwich, one source told PEOPLE that Pattinson is just like any other customer.  “He’s just a regular guy, and that’s how we try to treat him,” says the source.