Robert Pattinson's Parents Steal The Show On Leno, Give him Sweetest Advice Ever


Robert Pattinson was on The Tonight Show last night and brought his parents, making it one of the sweetest celebrity interviews ever. For those who worry about fame going to the Twilight star’s head, never fear: This heartthrob has got a super solid relationship with his folks and still takes their advice.

Sitting in the crowd as their son took the stage, they looked proud and occasionally embarrassed as Rob read his father’s emails aloud to the crowd and answered questions about them. Does Rob’s mom think the stuff she reads about him is true?  They’re pretty used to it at this point, though his mother does tend to believe the magazine’s she was reading prior to his gracing their pages. And what about his nude scenes? “It’s nothing they haven’t seen before,” says the star.

The cutest part though comes when Rob reads an email from his father giving advice on how to woo the ladies. He tells him the trick that he used on Rob’s mother and I can only hope Rob listens and does the same thing. Click through to watch and find out.

For those who don’t have sound. Rob’s father’s email says, “I’ve been thinking about gestures and a good one in my opinion is kissing a lady’s hand. It’s very romantic and refined. Offer a hand ostensibly to shake and then kiss. I impressed your mother in that way.”