Robert Reed: Five Things About The Late Mr. Brady, Florence Henderson's TV Husband

robert reed
Robert Reed: Florence Henderson dedicates a dance to him

Florence Henderson has really had an emotional few weeks on “Dancing With the Stars.” Two weeks ago, she broke down while practicing her “Sound of Music”-themed dance, dedicated to her late husband. And last night, while practicing for TV theme night in a performance put on in front of “Brady” son Barry Williams, she remembered her former “Brady Bunch” co-star, Robert Reed, who died 18 years ago.

Reed, of course, played the perfect Brady dad to Henderson’s perfect Brady mom. In honor of them, here’s five things about Reed you may not know or may not remember:

1. His real name was John Robert Rietz.

2. His first television series wasn’t “Brady;” it was “The Defenders” during the early 1960s.

3. As a classically trained Shakespearean actor, Reed felt the part of Mike Brady on the silly sitcom was totally beneath him.

4. Unlike his character, Reed had only one child in real life, a daughter who actually guest starred in one “Brady” episode.

5. He died of cancer in 1992, but he was also suffering from AIDS. He was one of the first big Hollywood names associated with the disease, and sadly lived a closeted life, though most of his “Brady” family knew that he was gay.


Photo: Wikipedia