Roberto Martinez: Making Ali Fedotowsky's Relatives Cry


In a good way!

Meeting your significant other’s family can be intimidating and scary. What if they hate you? What if you hate them? Well, Roberto Martinez had nothing to worry about when it comes to meeting his fiance Ali Fedotowsky’s family.

“When my uncle met him, it brought him to tears,” Ali told PEOPLE. “Really, it brought him to tears.”

Ali’s family must have tuned in to this season of The Bachelorette so they have gotten to know Roberto already. But realizing that some people just go on reality shows for fame and possible fortune, they had to be a bit wary. After seeing Ali and Roberto together, the family is convinced of his true intentions.

“I’ve never seen a love so genuine that you guys have for each other,” Ali’s uncle told her and her parents “adore,” him.

Roberto has also won over her friends, who they’ve been spending a lot of time with. “We went up to San Francisco and visited my friends. We’re going back to my hometown in Massachusetts next week.”