Robin Wright Penn Files For Divorces, Joint Custody


sean-penn-and-robin-wright-pennFor the 3rd and (perhaps) final time, Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn have filed for divorce at the Marin County courthouse. According to the paperwork, they’ve already divvied up all the property and custodial responsibilities for their son Hopper Jack.

Is the third time a charm?

In a bombshell interview with More magazine earlier this week, Robin revealed that, contrary to earlier statements, she and Sean would not be burying the hatchet.

Now we find out that Robin’s lawyers filed the paperwork on August 12. According to the paperwork:

“both parties have already agreed to [shared] custody” over their minor son, Hopper Jack, 16, and that “the estranged couple have already agreed to division of all property.”

If nothing else, it sounds like the split is as amicable as possible. Good for them. Considering how much time the couple spent trying to work it out, it’s almost surprising that they’re not bitter.

This time, it seems pretty final. Mainly because it’s not flaky Sean Penn who’s filing for a separation this time, it’s Robin. She seems a little more even tempered.