Robyn Gibson Wants To Take Mel To The Cleaners


mel_gibson_oksanaIt looks as if Mel and Robyn’s divorce might not go as smooth and painlessly as previously thought. New information has come to light and well… the bottom line is that Robyn doesn’t want to leave anything behind for her cheating husband and his baby mama.

…not that I blame her. From the National Enquirer:

“Robyn is out to get Mel in the end,” a family friend told the magazine. “There’s $1 billion at stake, and Robyn is planning on taking it all, including Mel’s (Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, Calif.). Her attorneys have finally gotten through to her that the real estate alone the chapel sits on is worth millions.”

She even wants the church… Granted, the church is a small, renegade sect that exists mostly for the purpose of giving Mel a place to chastise his own congregation with pope-like righteousness. Still, I can’t believe she wants to take down the entire Gibsonian denomination.

What if she gets the church and sells it to Scientology… or even better, what if she turns it into a synagogue? That would get him back for that drunken, anti-semitic rant.

I bet ol’ Oksana is not happy about this news. She was counting on having Mel’s deep pockets to help hand her a music career and provide for her baby.

If Robyn is successful, those pockets will get substantially shallower.