Rock Star Dad Bono Has Back Surgery


International superstar and father of for Bono had emergency back surgery this morning, throwing U2’s summer tour plans into question and landing the globe trotting rock star in bed, for at least a little while.

The emergency was prompted by an injury he sustained during tour preparations in Munich. No further details were given. Having been to a U2 concert or two in my day, I’m guessing he was rappelling down from the rafters or leaping from the back of the stage or doing one of the crazy things he does as if has been bathing in the fountain of youth, as opposed to growing older, like the rest of us. with 4 kids. The funny thing is that of course he prefers to have us think that he did this in some grand, dramatic, fashion to knowing the reality, which is that the guy probably bent down to tie his shoelace and herniated a disk.

Whatever the cause, I hope his recovery is speedy, and he back in shape to play with his kids and play music for the rest of us some time soon.

Source/Photo: bauergriffinonline