Rod Stewart is 66, Father of 7 Week Old Baby? Older Celeb Dads with Babies


Rod StewartRod Stewart is 66 and is the father of a 7 week old baby.  Stewart and his wife Penny are parents to Aiden, the new baby and his older brother Alastair, who is 5 years old.

Stewart has six other children from previous relationships, but he is bursting with pride over his new son!  I saw Rod Stewart in concert last night and the first thing he did was show a picture of Aiden!  It was so sweet.

What do you think about celeb dads who have kids so late in life?

The singer recently told Hello! magazine:

“My way of settling him when he’s crying from colic is to carry him around, singing to him.”

Stewart says Aiden will be his last child and told the magazine:

“I can’t have any more kids, otherwise I’ll be touring until I’m 90.”

The news broke this week that Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly is expecting a baby with film star Benicio del Toro.  Kimberly and del Toro are not a couple.

After watching him on stage last night, I have to say that Rod has STILL got it. Stewart didn’t move like a 66 year old man and the concert was a blast.

Photo: Pacific Coast News