Rod Stewart Is Desperate for One More Kid


rod-stewart2_0When one hits the age of 64, you’d think they’d spend their time naggin’ their adult children for grandkids, not trying to make more of their own. But who wants one more?

Rock icon Rod Stewart. Rod is married to the model Penny Lanchester and they are the proud parents of a 4-year-old son named Alistair.  He recently quipped “one more, then I’m going to close the office.” According to the Mail Online, the couple have tried to conceive another one for over a year and that Rod is “desperate for another baby.”

He already has five other children, the oldest is 28: Kimberly Stewart and Sean Stewart born to Alana Stewart, Ruby Stewart born to Kelly Emberg, his girlfriend at the time, Renee Stewart and Liam McAlister born to ex-wife Rachel Hunter.  There is also a seventh fruit of his loins walking around, a child he had with a fellow student back in 1964 that was put up for adoption right after the baby was born.

Yeah, his boys can swim. That whole “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” thing must have gotten a lot of yeses.