Rod Stewart Vacations in France With Wife and Son


rod-stewart-and-penny3Old-as-dirt yet boyishly handsome Rod Stewart has been kickin’ around France with third wife Penny Lancaster and seventh child Alastair, who turns 4 later this month.  Before marrying Lancaster, Stewart famously said “Instead of getting married again, I’ll find a woman I hate and give her a house.”  His famous exes / baby mamas / house recipients and a photo of adorable Alastair following the jump.

rod-steward-and-family1) Alana Stewart, wife #1 and mother of Kimberly and Sean

2) Kelly Emberg, girlfriend, mother of Ruby

3) Rachel Hunter, wife #2, mother to Renee and Liam

Rod also fathered a child in 1964 who was put up for adoption.

(Notice I’m being nice and not commenting on Penny’s Daisy Dukes.)

Photo Credit: INF Daily