Roger Federer Serves Up His Twin Girls


roger-federer-twins-wife-mikaRoger Federer and wife Mirka debuted their three-week-old twin girls, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, on Federer’s Facebook fan page on Friday. It was followed by a quiz where Federer revealed which Disney princess he was and his latest activity on Mafia wars.

“As promised, here is a family picture that my dad took. He thinks he’s becoming a professional photographer,” the tennis champ wrote. About the shoot, Federer says it was “very funny as both girls had the hiccups while we were trying to take a decent picture.”

Federer went on to say, “the girls and mom are doing great” and thanked his fans for their “warm wishes.”

I can already tell the one on the left has got a mean backhand.