Roman Polanski Set Free


That’s right. After 10 months of legal back and forth, the Swiss government has decided not to extradite Roman Polanski—father, acclaimed filmmaker, and unabashed criminal—for trial in the US. They have cited “national interests,” which can only logically mean: 1) This man is blessed with magical powers that make him invincible or 2) The Swiss don’t think that raping a 13 year old girl is that big of a deal.

The Swiss Justice Ministry goes even further, criticizing US authorities in its statement, saying, “the reason for the decision lies in the fact that it was not possible to exclude with the necessary certainty a fault in the US extradition request” because the US courts did not supply the Swiss government with the exact documents they requested, This is on top of their previous scorn that the US waited until 2009 to file for extradition instead of doing it the first time Roman set foot in the land of secret banks and yodelers.

And maybe this is true, but c’mon. Polanski has been wanted since he fled the US in 1978 on the eve of the decision in his his hearing. The hearing was a part of a plea deal he had worked out after admitting he had illegal sex with a young girl during a modeling session at Jack Nicholson’s home.  Beforethe bargain, he was charged with with child molestation, rape and sodomy, and providing the girl with illegal drugs.

Up until now Roman has been living under house arrest at his luxury chalet in Gsstad, one of the most expensive ski resort towns in the world. He may now leave and return to France. “It is an enormous satisfaction and a great relief after the pain suffered by Roman Polanski and his family,” said Herve Temime, a French lawyer who was on the team representing the director.

It seems unlikely he will ever face justice for his crime. The lesson: Having an Oscar means you can do whatever you want.


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