Roman Polanski's Wife Speaks Out


Now that Roman Polanski has learned he will not be extradited from Switzerland back to the US to be sentenced on a statutory rape charge from 1978, his wife Emmanuelle Seigner is excited to get back to “normal family life”.

She said, “It’s the end of a nightmare for my children and myself that lasted more than nine months. I’m really excited we can get back to our projects and resume normal family life.”

During this nine month “nightmare” Roman was under house arrest at his super-lux ski town chalet, which could have been, but doesn’t sound that rough. Now however, they will be able to travel again through Switzerland and France.

Samantha Geimer, the woman at the center of the case, who was drugged and raped by Roman at just 13 is also ready to put things behind her. She has publicly forgiven Roman and had previously called for prosecutors to halt the case “because the publicity surrounding it was embarrassing and distressing.”

Now she tells the Los Angeles Times, “Enough is enough. This matter should have been resolved 33 years ago.”


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