Ronald McDonald Statue Victim in Wacky Stunt in Finland


ronald mcdonaldPoor Ronald McDonald… Members of a group called the ‘Food Liberation Army’ beheaded a Ronald McDonald statue in Helsinki, Finland.

Campaigners for ethically produced food today carried out their threat to behead Ronald McDonald, in a publicity stunt that has been branded ‘poor taste’ by the restaurant chain.

Last week, the group released a spoof video on YouTube where they were holding a hooded Ronald McDonald hostage.

They stole a Ronald McDonald statue from a Helsinki restaurant on January 31, posting their videoed demands on YouTube days later.

Finnish police later recovered the statue and arrested two of the members.

The group suggested that McDonald’s was attempting to hide details about its food quality and manufacturing processes.  They accused McDonald’s of ‘greed and indifference’, the spokesman added that the company’s short-sightedness had made their products nearly inedible.

But then they said that if McDonald’s listened, they would eat more burgers.