Ronald Reagan Quotes: Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday

ronald reagan quotes
Ronald Reagan Quotes For His 100th Birthday

Today is February 6th, 2011, and for most people, all they can think about is what time the Super Bowl kickoff is and what kinds of delicious appetizers they are going to have during the game. But today actually holds a much greater significance than football, as today would have been President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.

Ronald Reagan was not only one of the greatest Presidents this country ever had, or ever will see again, he was also one of the greatest Americans that ever lived. He loved his country. He loved his wife, Nancy Reagan, with a passion that most couples today only hope to share, and he loved life in general. Ronald Reagan was an amazing human being, and on his 100th birthday, we should all take a few moments to remember him.

We’ve compiled a list of inspiring and funny Ronald Reagan quotes for Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

“But there are advantages to being elected President. The day after I was elected, I had my high school grades classified Top Secret.”

“Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.”

“Democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.”

“Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we’ve ever known.”

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

“Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.”

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”

“How can a president not be an actor?”

“How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

“I’ve never been able to understand why a Republican contributor is a ‘fat cat’ and a Democratic contributor of the same amount of money is a ‘public-spirited philanthropist’.”

“If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

“It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.”

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”


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