Rosie And Kelli Haven't Lived Together For Two Years


rosie-odonnell-kelli-carpenter-family-300x226As details slowly leak out about Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter’s breakup, it was obvious that things hadn’t been going very well with the couple for a while now… but no one would have guessed it had been over for years. During an interview on her Sirius radio show Monday, Rosie accidentally let it slip that Kelli moved out 2 years ago.

While interviewing a pet psychic about her Chihuahua “Misty,” which she bought a few days after Kelli moved out. From the interview:

“Where did you get her from Rosie? Because she says she came from somewhere. And she said she’s happier with you,” pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick said of O’Donnell’s dog Misty. “She’s so spoiled and she loves to burrow.”

O’Donnell confirmed: “She does! She burrows in the bed right next to me.”

And, when asked who “sometimes looks after her,” O’Donnell explained her four children all fight over caring for the pup, which she got three days after Carpenter left. “What happened [was] when Kelli moved out two years ago, I got the dog. Because I wanted another child or something to love. And I got the dog.”

Oops. I guess the details were going to come out sometime, might as well be sooner than later.

Actually, I kind of see this news as a positive thing for the family. If they’ve been able to share custody of their four kids for the past 2 years without the courts getting involved, it doesn’t seem likely that Kelli and Rosie are headed for a custody battle — as earlier rumors indicated.