Rosie O'Donnell Opens Up About Motherhood to Oprah


Rosie O’Donnell is Oprah’s newest cover girl.  Rosie and Oprah share October cover of O Magazine, themed “Breakthroughs.”  Oprah talks to Rosie about parenting,  celebrity, and moving to Chicago to launch “The Rosie Show,” which premieres in October on OWN. If you’ve seen any of the promos for Rosie’s new show, you know she pokes fun at herself as a mom.  My favorite is when Rosie says, “I’m a mother of four children, and frankly, they’re teenagers. And that’s the reason I’m going back to work!”  But in her interview with Oprah, Rosie puts all jokes aside, and discusses how being a mom has had a profound effect on her life.  She tells Oprah: “I would die for any of my children, and, more importantly, I would live for any of them.”

You know Oprah loves to hear stuff like that! But who can’t help but root for Rosie? Born the middle of five children, she lost her mom at 10, and basically spent her childhood watching tons of TV. It’s no surprise she wanted a family, and wanted the chance to give a child a better home (three of Rosie’s four children are adopted).  She tells Oprah, “…I was always comfortable around kids and always wanted a family of my own.”  Of course, Oprah’s proud of Rosie and the family Rosie created.  For more of Oprah’s interview with Rosie, pick up O, The Oprah Magazine on newsstands September 13th.

Photo:  Courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine




“…I was always comfortable around kids and always wanted a family of my own.”