Rosie Pope: Pregnant in Heels SNL Sketch "One of the Greatest Honors of My Career"

Rosie Pope Pregnant in Heels SNL sketch
Rosie Pope a big fan of SNL Pregnant in Heels sketch!

Rosie Pope of “Pregnant in Heels” is beyond flattered with the recent SNL sketch that poked fun at her and her series.

The Saturday Night Live Pregnant in Heels featured Tina Fey as a demanding pregnant client and Abby Elliott as Rosie Pope, tackling her mannerisms and speech with a humorous twist.

Pope wasn’t offended at all with being made fun of, noting, “I loved it. Honestly, it’s one of the greatest honors of my career.”

After all, isn’t an SNL spoof a great sign of success? It means you’re important enough to make fun of, anyway!

Watch the SNL Pregnant in Heels spoof video below… Abby Elliott’s take on Pope is pretty over the top, but oddly accurate.

In other Pregnant in Heels news, Rosie Pope is teaming up with Pampers for their Limited Edition Prints diapers, joking that she won’t potty train her kids “because diapers are very convenient for me.”

Will Pregnant in Heels be renewed for a second season? Pope didn’t know, saying, “We’ll find out soon. The show is going well. The couples are all real clients and everything they ask me to do is their idea.”

Do you watch Pregnant in Heels? What did you think of SNL’s sketch about the series?


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