Rosie Pope Shares How Moms Can Have Stylish Hair with Just One Hair Washing a Week!

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Rosie Pope shares secrets to great hair with busy moms

Rosie Pope and I apparently have something in common: unruly hair.  Hair that sometimes go straight, sometimes curly, and most of the time, just overall frizz.

I tend to throw my hair into a ponytail or a messy bun, just like some celebs do.  I wish I had the time and money to be able to go in for a professional wash and blow out every other day, but not many of us moms do.

“Pregnant in Heels” star Rosie Pope shares an easy way you can get through your week with pretty hair each day, without spending much time on your look. 

First, pick a day when you do have some time to work on your hair. Maybe a weekend night. That night, wash your hair, use some product on it, put it in curlers, and then blowdry.  Put your hair up in a bun for the night.

Day 1 and 2: Take that bun down and wear your hair down.

Day 3: Pull the top part of your hair back.

Day 4 and 5: Time for a slicked back ponytail.

Day 6: Wear it in a chignon.

I’m anxious to try this, though I’m a little worried that my hair might start looking a little greasy by day 3.  I wonder what Rosie Pope thinks of dry shampoo? Personally, I think it’s a busy moms’ best friend.

Do you have any tips for fabulous hair on a mom-schedule?

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