Rosie Pope's Advice on Preparing for Childbirth

pregnant in heels
Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope shares her advice for preparing for childbirth.  It’s frightening to think about actually having to push your baby out.  I think it’s scary whether it’s your first or not. It might even be worse for babies after your first because you know just how much it can hurt.

Fear of labor is common, but “Pregnant in Heels” star Rosie Pope suggests that the calmest mothers in the delivery room are those who are prepared.

A childbirth education class can help, according to Rosie. She also suggests that you think about what kind of labor and delivery you want, though she does warn that your plans don’t always work out.

You’re telling me, Rosie! My first came so fast that I barely had time to get to the hospital, let alone get any sort of pain relief. That was not my plan!

Rosie Pope reminds expectant moms “…but remember, despite any scary stuff, at the end of this journey you get your baby. And that, my lovelies, is what you should focus on.”

What is the best advice you received on preparing for childbirth?

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