Royal Bump Watch: Is Princess Charlene Pregnant? (Photos)

Royal bump watch for the Princess

There are rumors that a royal might be pregnant with her first child… and no, it’s not Kate Middleton.

Rumors are circulating that Monaco’s Princess Charlene might be pregnant. The Princess, who wed Prince Albert II in a lavish, yet cringe-worthy ceremony last summer (remember all of those tears?) attended the 2011 A Heart for Children Charity strategically hiding her midsection with a ruffled dress.

There were also rumors of her possibly being pregnant when she traveled to her native South Africa last week where she also sparked rumors that she’s expecting when she passed on a celebratory glass of champagne at the Polaris Climate Change Observatory in Durban.

Check out these photos of the Princess on the red carpet in Berlin and tell us, do you think she is pregnant?

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    Charlene, Princess of Monaco
    Charlene, Princess of Monaco at the 2011 Ein Herz fur Kinder (A Heart for Children) Charity Gala.
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    Is the Princess hiding a baby bump?
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    Rumors have been circulating that she is expecting her first child.
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    Do you think she is pregnant?


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