Royal Engagement Photos : How to Get Kate Middleton's Look

Prince William engagement pictures
Prince William's bride-to-be goes modest with her clothing choices.

In the royal engagement photos, Kate Middleton did not choose clothes with an exorbitant price tag. Can we copy her style?

Her dress was something from last fall’s collection, so it isn’t something that can easily be found. The Issa dress probably retails for about $550. Not something that most of us moms would spend for an every day dress, but far from the thousands of dollars that some celebrities will pay for a dress for a special occasion.

The embroidered blouse that she wore in her other picture is from Whistles and retails for about $150. As of yesterday, it was still available for purchase, though I did hear on the radio this morning that it was rumored to have sold out.

Perhaps she went more conservative in the choices for her clothes to go along with her and Prince William’s claim that they want a modest wedding. Those Brits who don’t want their tax dollars to pay for the wedding might be pleased to see her making modest choices.

Those who would like to emulate her style might be happy that she is making fashion choices that just might be within their price range, too.

To see the royal engagement photos, click this link.

Photo: PRPhotos