Royal Wedding Fashion Watch - It's All About the Hats!

royal wedding hats
The Royal Wedding - It's All About the Hats!

The Royal Wedding coverage has started bright and early this morning as the crowd begins to gather in London for the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.   The one thing we can be sure with the fashion is that we are all about to see a flurry of funky hats from the ladies!

As the ladies make their way into Westminster Alley we’re getting a first glimpse of the ladies finest fashions and it seems that a royal wedding outfit is just not complete without a hat that makes a major statement.

Whether it’s an oversized bonnet with bows and ribbons or a bright sculptural topper, the ladies are decked out in grand fashion.  The tradition of wearing hats to a royal wedding goes back to the bible itself in a reference that women should cover their heads.  Apparently if ladies need to put a lid on it, they are going to make it as opulate and elegant as possible!  For her part Kate has already started to make the fat a modern fashion statement at some of her recent public events.

What do you think of all the fabulous hats at the royal wedding?

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