Royal Wedding Hats: British Tradition Americans Don't Understand? Scary Hats at Royal Wedding!

Princesses Eugenie (blue outfit) and Beatrice (Beige outfit)
Princesses Eugenie (blue outfit) and Beatrice (Beige outfit) in SCARY Hats

Royal Wedding hats and dresses are still creating a buzz. Americans are puzzled by the whole British hat thing because we are all so….AMERICAN.

Dressing up to most Americans means putting on a nicer pair of flip-flops and jeans, so the whole idea of actually putting on a HAT is beyond our American grasp.  Seriously!

But across the pond, ladies in hats are still very in style. Shirley Hex, a milliner who made hats for the queen, the queen’s mother and Diana, told The Associated Press:

“We’re British. Hats are just what we do. Choosing the right hat is important for the person wearing it, but it’s also important for a designer. The right hat can make a career.”

Okay then!

The other thing about the British? You just don’t argue with them.  They are way more sensible than most Americans.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex (in neutral outfit/floral hat)
Sophie, Countess of Wessex in Semi-Scary Hat

Hands down, the prize for THE WORST hat combo ever goes to Princesses Eugenie (and Beatrice really took the prize for worst dressed and the scariest hats ever.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in a Hat Also Used as a Life Raft?

Maybe after America has been around a few thousand years, our country will understand the whole over-the-top hat thing.

Photos: PacificCoastNews