Royal Wedding Invitation: The Obamas Won't Be Receiving One!


46565PCN WilliamKate14 e1298222799250 198x300 See Prince William And Kate Middletons Wedding Invitation (PIC)The royal wedding invitations to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton have been mailed! All 1,900 of them – the majority of which are going to family and friends – were mailed over the past week for the royal wedding in April.

Who won’t be receiving an invitation? President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama aren’t among those getting one, and neither is Sarah Ferguson.

On “The Early Show” Monday morning, Victoria Arbiter told co-anchor Chris Wragge, “The Obamas have not been snubbed. Prince William is only second in line to the throne, which means that this is not an official state occasion. So therefore, foreign heads of state are not required to be invited.” Still, it seems strange that he wouldn’t be invited…

The weird part? Leaders of some countries have been asked to attend, which makes me wonder – what exactly are the criteria that the Obamas didn’t live up to?

Who else will be heading to England for the royal nuptials? Well, rumor has it that Elton John, Paul McCarthy and the Beckhams will be receiving invites this week.

For a look at the actual invitation, you can check it out here.

To hear more about who and who did not get an invite, you can watch the video clip below.