Royal Wedding is Planned Down to the Minute!

royal wedding timetable
Prince William and Kate must stick to the Royal Wedding timetable

We all plan for our weddings, don’t we? We go through a rehearsal and know the sequence of events. But, when you are part of the Royal Wedding, you don’t just say “Oh, we’ll get to the church about an hour before the wedding starts.” Instead, every detail is planned down to the minute as part of the Royal Wedding timetable.

If you are a “general wedding guest,” you arrive for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at 3:15 am, while VIPS arrive at 4:50 am, and foreign royal families arrive at 5:20 am. Each group has a specific door to enter.

Kate Middleton and her father will start making their way to the royal wedding at 5:51 am and arrive at 5:58 am.  No getting excited and trying to leave at 5:50 instead, Kate!

So many details, all so precise. But, with an event as big as the Royal Wedding, with so many people watching, it has to be perfectly orchestrated.

See the full Royal Wedding Timetable.

Photo: PRPhotos

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