Rubina Ali: What Happened To Her Home?

rubina ali
Rubina Ali's Home Destroyed In Fire

You may remember Rubina Ali from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Rubina was eight years old at the time of the movie, and she played the role of young Latika.

Slumdog Millionaire won eight Oscars in 2009, and now Rubina Ali is making headlines again, but this time because she and her family have lost pretty much everything they owned. What happened to Rubina Ali’s home?

Rubina Ali’s house was destroyed by a fire on Saturday morning that elimated about 2,000 houses in the Gareeb Nagar slum in Mumbai.

Ali is devastated and said, “I lost all the books, wooden toys, photographs and awards that I received for the film. I had kept all the newspaper clippings that reminded me of how I became famous after Slumdog Millionaire. Now everything is gone.”

Though she and her family are safe, Rubina Ali’s father said he was happy that no one was harmed, but added, “I am still sad that my daughter lost her most cherished mementos. She even lost all her expensive clothes that she wore for the Oscar award function.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rubina Ali and her family during this difficult time.