Ruby Gettinger: Mom Enabled Her Food Addiction


Reality star Ruby Gettinger, 47, says that she is considering hypnosis to remember possible childhood traumas that may caused her weight to a escalate to a life-threatening 716 pounds a decade ago. She fears someone close to her may have tried to harm her during childhood, and that perhaps hypnosis is the key to the past.  What’s stopping her? Fear of the truth. “If someone hurt me when I was a child – verbally, physically, whatever – it would have been somebody I love.”

“I have nightmares about someone trying to kill me. I can never see that person’s face, but something tells me I know who it is. I wake up hardly able to breathe, dreaming someone’s hands are around my neck.”

Gettinger, who now weighs about 400 pounds, also believes that while her mother meant well, she enabled Gettinger’s addiction to overeating.

“She definitely enabled me,” she says. “It was obvious I overate, yet she bought snacks for me. She knew I loved creamed corn, and she would bring it home for me. She’s said she feels a lot of guilt — like she should have stopped it.”