Rumor: Did Kate Gosselin Participate In A "Mom Swap" Show With Kendra Wilkinson?

Kate Gosselin

Another day, another Kate Gosselin rumor! According to new reports, the former reality television star had not too long ago tried to inch her way back on to the small screen by participating in a “mom swap” show with Kendra Wilkinson. The only problem though, is that her eight children were terrified of being left alone with strangers. Yikes!

While, now we’re not certain whether this is true or not, Radar Online is reporting that her eight children were both “frightened” and “scared” of being left alone with Kendra and a college-aged babysitter while Kate supposedly was in L.A. filming with Kendra’s Hollywood family. Here’s what we’re reading from the gossip site:

In a blistering new blog posted Wednesday, Hoffman, a reporter who’s also a pal of Kate’s ex Jon Gosselin, claims sources told him that the former reality TV star turned Dancing with the Stars contestant “left her eight children alone with Kendra Wilkinson, who formed a company to market her own sex tape, as well as a strange camera crew and a college-age babysitter (Ashley), for a week while she went off with her own personal babysitter to film an episode of a new reality show tentatively called ‘Mom Swap.'”

It’s hard to say if these allegations are true or not because I’m sure the kids have previously been left with their babysitters while Kate was on “Dancing With The Stars” and her promotional book tours. And Kendra’s really not all the scary, now is she? I’m sure that if she did spend time with the Gosselin kids, she probably had them LOL-ing the entire time the same way she does!