Rumor Has it Bravos RHONY Scheduled to Undergo Casting Revitalization for 5th Season


In the words of the Donald,  Jill Zarin, Cindy Barshop, Kelly Bensimon  are fired! Or at least have not have their contracts renewed to rejoin the other gals of Bravo’s New York series.  Can we all give a BIG thank you to Andy Cohen! These ladies story lines are as refreshing as the moldy lunch bag I just pulled out of my 11 year old son’s book bag. Not kidding, even the napkin that I lovingly wrote “Good luck on the 1st day back. xoxo, Mom”  had traces of mold on it.

 The good news… If this rumor carries any weight; Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and the Countless, LuAnne de Lesseps  (creatively coined by Ramona’s Hubby Mario) will all be returning to the 5th season.  Like them or not, Ramona and Sonja pretty entertaining. I suspect the life line of LuAnne’s character will last about as long as her current relationship.  

 So, so long Jill and Kelly…. Please Bravo do not give either of these women a spin off!!! Bethenny was one thing. A quick wit and a little substance can get you a long way! Cindy, you will be missed!  Clearly Cindy was waaay to level headed for this bunch! On the bright side, Cindy a business woman in her own right, can spend her new found spare time with her adorable twin babies!

 What do you think? Will you tune this season????

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast Photos