Rumor: Is Demi Moore Adopting A Baby?

Demi Moore

With everything that has been going on in Demi Moore’s life, could a baby really be the answer to her finding some happiness? Well, that’s what some reports are suggesting as there are rumors that say the actress is feeling so lonely in her life right now that she is considering adopting a baby.

Demi, who turns 50 in November, is said to be so depressed after her break-up with Ashton Kutcher and pretty bummed over the fact that her three daughters are refusing to speak to her until she cleans up her act that she wants a little bundle of joy in her life to give her a little happiness. Whether this is a good idea or not, I’m not sure, but here’s what a source tells Star Magazine:

“She really wanted to adopt a child with Ashton, but he wasn’t up to it. Now that she’s single and can make her own choices, she’s seriously looking into it. With the state of mind she’s in, the last thing Demi needs is another child. She feels abandoned, but she has to realize that she can’t just replace her own children by going out and getting new ones — it isn’t that easy.”

What do you think? Should Demi be adopting a baby right now with everything she has going on in her life?

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