Rumor: Is Suri Cruise Still Demanding Cupcakes In The Middle Of The Night?

Suri Cruise

I don’t know about you, but the only time I’ve ever wanted a cupcake in the middle of the night was when I was pregnant. And it wasn’t just any old cupcake, it had to have been the good, gluten-free cupcakes that you can only get at places like Baby Cakes in New York City. Suri Cruise must know exactly what I’m talking about because apparently she’s getting those types of cravings, too. And from what we hear, she also demands that her cupcakes be brought to her on a golden platter! Oh, it’s going to take some time before Katie Holmes is able to un-Scientology her. Here’s what we’re reading from HollyBaby:

“Suri has eaten at the most luxurious restaurants in the world and loves fine, gold-plated china,” a source close to the family told Star magazine. “She’s even been known to demand cupcakes on a golden platter at 1 a.m.”

Suri also has her own credit card, and has free rein to charge whatever she pleases! “Suri loves credit cards,” the source said, “so Katie added Suri’s name to one of her cards and lets her use it to buy candy each week.”

Um, really? While I understand that Suri is 6, I highly doubt that she demands her cupcakes be brought to her on gold platters. Sprinkle-covered chocolate platters is more like it.

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