Rumor Watch: Did Angelina Jolie Have A Miscarriage?


Grazia is an Italian magazine with editions in Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Germany. It’s a lot of fashion but also focuses on celebrity.  In truth telling, it’s  along the lines of an Us Weekly or Life & Style. It’s not iron clad fact like People, but it’s also not all fiction like the National Enquirer. It’s correct about 80% of the time so when it reports something of this magnitude, it probably has a good source or at least some form of reliable evidence.

 According to Grazia’s report, Angelina was pregnant near the beginning of the year, but lost the baby. Since that time, she has been unable to get pregnant again.

“It’s been really hard for Angie lately, especially because of all the speculation that she is pregnant,” says a source. “Every time she sees another headline like that it just adds to her grief that she can’t seem to conceive. She got pregnant so quickly with Shiloh and the twins that when she decided she wanted another child, she thought it would happen immediately.”

This is very sad if true. A miscarriage takes an insanely high toll on a woman’s emotional well being.  It’s beyond devastating.  I had a friend who suffered one and I never thought she’s get out of bed again. Who could blame her? In Angie’s case, she’s getting a continual whammy failing to get pregnant again.

 “The early miscarriage was just awful for her and since then, she hasn’t fallen pregnant now she’s worried she never will again.”

Angelina has supposedly seen a doctor who told her everything is fine and she should be able to get pregnant again. She has changed her diet and started taking vitamin supplements. If it comes down to it, she will consider fertility treatment. They could, as in the past, always adopt.