Rush Limbaugh Marries Kathryn Rogers! Are Kids Next?


Will the fourth time be the charm for Rush Limbaugh? (I know, I know: Rush Limbaugh and the word ‘charm’ don’t usually make their way into the same sentence.)

America’s favorite radio personality married Palm Beach socialite Kathryn Rogers, 33, over the weekend in a ritzy wedding that featured a performance by Elton John, which a lot of folks found unusual, given Limbaugh’s frequent anti-gay commentary, and Elton John being openly gay.

But putting aside the details of the uber-swanky ceremony and the who’s who of conservative celebrities who comprised the guest list: what I want to know is, are they planning to have kids?Rush Limbaugh does not have any children. But given Rogers’ age, and Limbaugh’s own statements about marriage (“Marriage is about raising children. That’s the purpose of the institution.”) it doesn’t seem out of the question that Limbaugh may wind up becoming a dad.

I can’t imagine anything weirder than having Rush Limbaugh for a father. Without a doubt, he is one of the more polarizing figures in American popular culture. Many, many people adore him. But for others, he is the poster child for the breakdown of civilized discourse—and they see him as a bit of a hatemonger. There isn’t a lot of in between, public opinion-wise. So while I have no idea what kind of father he would make one-on-one to a child, I do think that it would strange to have a person so many people have such intense feelings about as your dad.

And can you imagine Rush Limbaugh on the sidelines of his kid’s soccer game? Or coming in for a parent-teacher conference? Or going on a playdate?

Source/Photo: ©Eliot Press/bauergriffinonline