Russell Brand and Katy Perry Practice Parenthood on Their Cat


Russell Brand and Katy Perry seem to be getting closer and closer to taking the plunge and becoming parents. But in the meantime, they’re getting in all the practice they can–on their cat.

Brand and Perry recently adopted a kitten together, whom they named Krusty, and Brand recently told the mirror that Krusty has become their practice kid.

“That’s why we’ve got a kitten, Brand told the Mirror. “It’s perfect training for having kids. Since being with Katy, I’ve got this masculine urge to protect.”

I’m not really sure that mommying a kitten is going to help with mind-blowing, all-consuming experience of becoming someone’s parent, but hey, I applaud the effort.

And as a side note, my husband and I practiced using the Ergo carrier for weeks by stuffing an E.T. doll into it and toting it around the apartment. It felt like a safer option than using the real live baby. So I guess I’m not one to judge.


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