Russell Brand Katy Perry Wedding Gifts: a Young Bull?

Katy Perry Russell Brand
Katy Perry & Russel Brand to become parents of a young bull?

So far, Katy Perry and Russell Brand have had an interesting wedding and disappointing honeymoon.

But the latest news is that the couple received a very unusual wedding gift from two animal rights groups in India.

A young bull, or bullock, named after Brand!  Wacky or what?

It was a present from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and Animal Rahat, a nonprofit organization that provides free aid to animals.

Russell Brand is a long-time animal rights defender and was named the “sexiest vegetarian alive” by PETA U.K. in 2007.

“Russell the celebrity and Russell the bullock have something in common: they are both very handsome fellows,” said Poorva Joshipura at PETA India.

“The gift of a namesake is also fitting because just as Russell Brand embarks on his new life as a married man, Russell the bullock has also been given a new lease on life – the heavy loads he once pulled have been lifted from his shoulders for good.”

PETA India has yet to hear from Brand in response to the gift, Joshipura said.

Well perhaps Russell and Katy won’t accept the gift.  Although if they accept, maybe the newlyweds would somewhat get a taste of parenthood.

Or maybe the bull will live alongside the tiger that Russell bought his bride as his wedding gift to her!