Russell Crowe and Tennyson Hit the Park Fully Loaded


Whoa. Does Levi McConaughey know someone stole his hat?  Russell Crowe and wife Danielle Spencer were spotted taking son Tennyson to Coldwater Canyon park in Beverly Hills yesterday. Borrowing a page from the little McConaughey’s style book, Tennyson is rocking a fedora. Perhaps he’ll be bare-chested next.

Check out the other funny part about this picture. (Yes, I am implying that little boys in fedoras look a little funny. Adorable, no doubt. But also a little funny.) Crowe is not only carrying Tennyson and his hat, but an additional pith helmet and what looks like a pair of old-fashioned toy pistols. My son is also the age where going to the playground entails carting a whole load of random toys for his amusement–ball, bucket, shovel, sidewalk chalk. But I never thought of bringing armaments. Well, the sandbox can get a little rough. I suppose you  have to defend yourself.

More pictures of Tennyson with his hat and guns and a bonus picture of the kid who started the fedora trend, Levi McConaughey–all on the next page.

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