Russell Crowe Brings Superman to Robin Hood in Cannes


Russell Crowe has got to straighten out the superhero situation in his house.

Yesterday in Cannes, the Robin Hood star took sons Charlie and Tennyson to a photo call for the new movie, which comes out tomorrow, and Tennyson who is in the prime good guys vs. bad guys years was dressed in a Superman t-shirt. Superman! I mean sure, he can fly and has all of that faster than a speeding bullet hype, but Robin Hood is way cooler. He uses a bow and arrow, and saves Maid Marian and creates a world of havoc in Sherwood Forest. And it’s his dad! Can’t we figure out some sort of T-shirt for him, or send him out there in a pair of tights or something?

More photos of Crowe and his kids missing a huge marketing opportunity on the next page.

Photos: PCN

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