Russell Hantz Greatest Survivor Moments: We'll Miss the Survivor Villain

russell eliminated from Survivor
Is Russell Hantz really done with Survivor?

On last night’s Survivor Redemption Island, Russell Hantz lost the duelagainst Matt and was sent home from Survivor.  He said that he is done with Survivor and will not go back on the show.

Even though he is seen as the biggest Survivor villain ever, Russell made for interesting television. 

Russell found four immunity idols during his first two seasons, two of them without a single clue.  He had a way of convincing lots of people that he was in an alliance with them. Russell controlled the votes or was able to use immunity idols to save himself.

Probably his very best moment was when was able to convince a member of Boston Rob’s alliance to switch his vote during Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. Tyson switched his vote to Parvarti, Russell gave the immunity idol to Parvarti, and Tyson went home. Probably the biggest blindside in Survivor history.

But, this season, the Survivor Redemption Island cast knew what they were dealing with when they got Russell on their team and they quickly voted him out.

Here are some of the moments that we will miss from Russell:

Will you miss Russell Hantz on Survivor?